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Novobits™: The Optimized Antifuse Register OTP

Reliability. Yield. Size.  Advantage: Novobits™. Novobits

Novobits™ is a customizable register product built on the original pioneering Novocell SmartBit™ technology and is SST’s alternative to foundry-specific e-fuse.

Novobits™ OTP blocks are an area-efficient solution made up of dense 8 bit modular blocks that can meet the smallest of OTP needs with convenience features like 5-10X faster access times, low power sleep mode, low programming current needs, and an unequaled 30+ year of data retention and long term storage stability.

Novobits™ SPX is a special version of Novobits, providing a serial interface and preview mode. Novobits programs
dynamically until all bits are programmed, absolutely ensuring no troublesome tail bit failures, and eliminating the need for building redundancy into your designs.


                     Novobits_SPX_BD                                            Novobits™                                                              Novobits™ SPX


  • Register architecture
  • Parallel/Serial IN / Parallel OUT
  • Smallest OTP area
  • Data ready after power-up
  • No Tail Bit Failures
  • 30+ year Data Retention
  • Typical usage: trimming, calibration
  • Available Densities: 32–256bits 

Densities: Novobits™ is available in 8 bit increments from 8-256 bits. 

Also see Novobits™ SPX product for Trimming and Calibration applications, with Serial and Preview Mode already included. 

Would you like more information on SST’s Novobits™ product family? 

Download the Novobits™ Brief or Novobits™SPX Brief.

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