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NovoBytes™: The Addressable Antifuse OTP


NovoBytes™ – For All the Write Reasons

SST's NovoBytes™ one-time programmable (OTP) nonvolatile memory IP is a NVM block which can be embedded in standard Logic CMOS without any additional process steps or post processing, and has the ability to be programmed at wafer level, in package, or in the field.

NovoBytes™ is an area efficient version of our reliability leading OTP. The NovoBytes product line features space efficient addressable arrays from 256bit to 32Kbits with a 70% smaller footprint. 

Like our pioneering Novobits™ OTP, NovoBytes™ programs dynamically until all bits are programmed, eliminating the tail bit failures observed in other OTP solutions.

NovoBytes™ MTP is a special version of NovoBytes, providing off-the-shelf 2x, 4x, and 8x multi-time write capabilities.

novobytes-block-diagram         novobytes-mtp-block-diagram
                       NovoBytes™                                                  NovoBytes™ MTP


  • Addressable Arrays
  • Access Times <8 ns
  • DONE Programming Signal
  • Low Power Sleep Mode
  • Low Programming Current <15 mA
  • No Tail Bit Failures
  • 30+ years Data Retention
  • Typical usage: configuration, encryption key
  • Available Densities:256–32 Kbits 

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