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NovoHD™: The Next Step in Antifuse OTP Density

NovoHDUltra-High Density ROM-Style OTP NVM.

NovoHD™ is the latest addition to SST’s OTP NVM IP technology family, continuing to build on the innovative SmartBit™ technology bit cell foundation, offering six-sigma reliability and that has been tested to deliver an unparalleled 30+ years data retention based on 3000 hours of accelerated life testing. 

NovoHD™ blocks can be configured with block densities from 32K to 4Mbits, with 8, 16, or 32 bit bus widths using an area efficient design with 5-10X faster access times (under 12 nsec), low power sleep mode, and low programming current needs. And, like all Smartbit-based OTP, NovoHD programs dynamically until all bits are programmed, eliminating process related Gaussian tail bit failures, and avoiding the need for building  redundancy into your designs. 



  • High Density Addressable Arrays
  • Array scales with LV Transistors
  • Access times <12nsec
  • DONE Programming Signal
  • Low Power Sleep Mode
  • Low Programming Current <15mA
  • No Tail Bit Failures
  • 30+ year Data Retention
  • Available Densities: 32K - 4Mbits 
  • Typical usage: configuration, code storage

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